Healthpally infer Low Testosterone as Trigger of Low Libido

Men who suffer from low Libido have poor sexual stimulation, and it can be likened to erectile dysfunction when a male can not satisfy a woman.

While age can lead to lower testosterone level, stress and other factors can also be responsible for low Libido, chaktty said.

Declining testosterone levels

The deeper and faster the testosterone level drops, the sooner and closer you get to the area that is medically defined as testosterone deficiency.

According to sexpally, Normal testosterone levels are relatively broad: If you look at it in units of nanograms per deciliter, the normal level is found to be between 2.5 to 8.3 nanograms per deciliter. And that’s a pretty wide range.

This means that a young man is more likely to be found in the upper normal range, and if he experiences that 1-2% drop in testosterone between the ages of 40 and 45, then by the time he is 60 or 70 he will still not be up reached low range. 

A testosterone level of less than 2.5 nanograms per deciliter is actually defined as a clearly low value at the moment, according to healthpally magazine.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Testosterone deficiency

The diagnosis of Testosterone deficiency is always symptomatic. We would not advise treating a laboratory value, but always put the symptoms in context.

However, the symptoms are relatively unspecific. Mr somebody, for example, lost the ability to sleep through the night somewhere between 40 and 50:

I really have trouble sleeping, sleeping through the night isn’t the same as it used to be. 

That’s why I did behavioral therapy, which was successful, but only for a short time. That’s a constant theme for me.

But is the sleep disorder the symptom of hormone levels falling too much? It doesn’t have to be at all.

Especially these soft symptoms, which are just a bit more difficult to measure and make tangible.

So mental symptoms: exhaustion, tiredness, sleep disorders, mood swings, these are things that often appear as the first symptoms of low Libido in young men.

These are symptoms that already appear with testosterone levels in the borderline occur, healthpally. The deeper the mirror gets, the more it goes into the organic realm.

In men, the process is gradual

In contrast to the sudden drop in hormones during female menopause, to which certain side effects can be attributed with some degree of certainty, the drop in testosterone in men is often so gradual that the early symptoms are not even considered as a possible expression of a falling hormone level.

That’s why Mr somebody thinks it’s good that the term “andropause” has been appearing more frequently in the media lately.

 He wants to raise awareness for this phase, which – if men have ever heard of it – stands for one thing above all:

The ability to get erections is becoming less, and shorter.

It’s this panicky fear of the symptom of not wanting to have sex anymore, I wouldn’t narrow it down to not getting an erection but not wanting sex anymore.A topic nobody likes to talk about.

“It’s not even talked about among men because if a man admits he has sexual problems, then he’s already a failure.

There is only talk about – in gay circles – no longer having a chance with young men. That’s really a sound limit for over 50 years. That is the symptomatology of how it is talked about.

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